Friday, 12 September 2014

Indian Summer

Well, we are really enjoying an Indian summer here in Limousin.  Today it is due to be 27 degrees C, and I'm still trolling around in my old shorts - my usual jeans are FAR too hot to wear.

I'm typing this on my new-to-me computer as my old faithful keeled over finally about 6 weeks ago hence the lack of blogs.  Dear OH was working away so unable to do any repair, but on his return, poor old 'pooter was retired.

Managed to source everything from UK and had it delivered down here by the lorry that brings ex-pats shopping from England - Marmite, HP sauce etc.  Sounds daft, buying a computer from UK, but I just cannot use a French keyboard - I was taught to touch-type when I was 16 and it just HAS to be a QWERTY keyboard not an ASERTY.  Touch-typing to me is as natural as breathing - and the French keyboard is like breathing wearing a gas mask!

Anyway, expect lots more blogs the meantime, here is a photo of FatBoyFat aka Felix waving his legs in the air, chilling out on the rug under the kitchen table.

What was even funnier, is that he was snoring all the time - and I was trying to vacuum the rug around him

Here is another recent piccie - a rather large chicken egg that must have caused her eyes to water - it weighs 104 grams and OH had it gently steamed (he's on a diet) for his lunch.

(sorry, it's a bit blurred)

Have a good weekend!   

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