Sunday, 6 September 2015

Garden gone mad

We've been away to UK for a couple of weeks, well, actually been back 10 days now, but only just really got to grips with work in the veggie plot.  I decided to pick the courgettes - or 'torpedoes' and store them for the winter - here is a piccy of various types and some butternut squash, sitting in the wheelbarrow.  The cardboard was to protect the veg from scratching on the metal wheelbarrow: I've found the veg lasts much longer if undamaged, of course.

Still got more in the plot, but I'll leave them to get a bit bigger, plus the pumpkins. Am going out again in a bit to feed them with my secret liquid manure - actually, it isn't magic, just rabbit poo and nettle soup.  With 6 pet rabbits, at least I don't have to buy any fertilizer.

There is another photo, showing the scale, but no "oo 'er, Mrs" comments, please!


  1. What a wonderful harvest, will have to try some of your magic fertiliser I wonder if it work with alpaca poo and nettles, we have a real shortage of rabbits :-)

  2. I'm sure it will: I have tried sheep droppings - they are a bit smellier than rabbits' but did a very good job too.



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