Sunday, 27 September 2015

Skinning toms - part 2

Aha!  Skinning toms gone viral on the net apparently - the American chef is called Justin Chapple, and here is a link to the video:

(try this link, if not, cut and paste above)

Credit where it's due!


  1. That is amazing! I thought my freezing and then running under lukewarm water better than boiling water and ice water dunks, but this is better! Plus it leaves the tomato skins in perfect condition for dehydrating and then grinding into tomato powder.

  2. Yes, I guess it's thinking outside the box (or skin :)

  3. Stop in from Down to Earth. Our tomatoes did well this summer, can up quite a few jars. Now as for tomatoes goes I'm going to try pickled "green tomatoes"
    Coffee is on

  4. ...pickled green tomatoes... sounds good!



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