Friday, 1 April 2011

Let's do lunch!

These two chaps are enjoying their lunch - I think they must be officers by their clothes and the sword against the wall. Probably dating from WWI, I wonder if they survived the war - I do hope so.

This menu is dated from 1914 - I love the wine list! AND there is a champagne from 1811...

Delicious menu - and so many courses! How did they keep their waistlines?

And this isn't strictly a menu - it's a souvenir of a good friend...I think these two friends must have enjoyed a good lunch somewhere, and one of them has written a little note to remember Henriette by, then tucked it away be found by us all these years later.

The sepia photo and friend souvenir items are on sale in my Etsy shop here, and the black and white menu & wine list will be very soon, but if you need any information, please just leave a comment or email.

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