Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Some finds with a military feel

sorry but this postcard is sold
This postcard shows an officer with a very grand moustache flirting with the lady serving croissants and coffee...the private is looking rather sheepish as if he would rather not be there...

Here is the reverse with its written but undated message. I am selling this for £3 and you can read more here.

It's old Boney himself - Napoleon Bonaparte - helping to sell a tonic to restore the poor injured soldier being helped by a nun.

This is an advertising card for a tonic - the advert is on the reverse, and you can buy it for £3 - see my listing on Etsy here.

Yes, ok, maybe not military but this is a badge and scrambled egg from a hat from the Essex Fire & Rescue Service, pressed upon me by a French lady selling a few bits - as soon as she realised I was English...

The hat badge is £4

sorry but the badge and the scrambled egg are both sold
and the scrambled egg is £6, but please contact me direct as I haven't listed either yet.

Hello Sailor! This is a very rare bonbon or sweet box, advertising the confiserie from Brest, Brittany. I have never seen one like it before...and I collect bonbon boxes.

Sorry, but the sailor's hat is sold
It is made from navy felt and board, with a cheerful red pom-pom.
£20 - you can see more here.

A patriotic French bow and ribbon supporting a service medal, in red, white and blue.

Sorry, but this medal is sold
You can see my Etsy listing here - for sale at £6

This is a postcard from the famous Military School of Horseriding in Saumur - I must say the rider does look rather pompous but what a fabulous horse!

There is information about the riding school here in my Ebay listing and you can have the postcard for around £3 - just leave a bid!

Well, the brocante market season has well and truly started - I have been to about 5 markets in the last week and I have bought a lot of lace and household linen - thank goodness the weather has turned warm - my garden looks like a chinese laundry at the moment - every available line and clothes horse has something pegged or draped on it, drying in the spring sunshine.

Ah well, better get the iron out...hopefully you'll see the fruits of my labours in a day or two...

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