Saturday, 16 April 2011

Some Limoges items - from where I live!

A sheet of Limoges vignettes - used by the outworkers to decorate the tiny Limoges plates you often see around - there are many different pictures so are very collectable - and very popular as little gifts, especially from children to their mums here in Limousin. £10

Sorry but the butterfly dish is sold
This white porcelain dish is decorated with butterflies - I particularly like the shape of the piece, and I love the butterflies. The porcelain is quite fine and looks lovely against dark wood. £12

Flowers are always popular, and this little bouquet is sweet - a perfect dish for bon-bons, or on a dressing table for pins etc. £10

Turquoise is lovely - very popular and looks great in contrast with the burgundy plate below £10

and burgundy goes with turquoise! I like the classical pictures in the centre of each plate, nicely highlighted in gold. £10

This is a children's bowl with its original presentation box. Hot water is poured into the hole - under the sweet little porcelain bird stopper - and it keeps baby's food hot. Often given as christening or welcome baby gifts, it's very rare to find the original box. SO sweet! £20

Limoges also made more practical items such as this bathroom set. This one has 7 pieces and a classical motif of Cupid, decorated in turquoise and gold. Perfect for a period bathroom...£48

I live in Limousin which is the department - or county - in which Limoges is the main town. It is a lovely place to live: lakes, rolling hills and beautiful, mysterious forests...we also have the famous (and very large) Limousin cattle.

The discovery of kaolin at Limoges at the end of 18th century meant that porcelain could be made here in France and factories sprung up alongside the river Vienne. This was once a poor area and countryfolk supplemented their income by taking in Limoges porcelain blanks for hand decorating - hence the sheet of Limoges vignettes.

All the above pieces are on my Etsy site here but if you need any info, just email me or comment.

Have a good weekend - the sun is shining here, so I'm due out in the garden for a spot of weeding I think...

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