Monday, 5 October 2015

Pumpkins are in

I managed to get the pumpkins in today in between showers - I chickened out in not leaving them outside until the first frost was threatened.  A very warm south-westerly wind, but I lit the Bosky to make green tomato chutney, plus a hot chili version.  I also peeled a load of windfall apples, cooked off for the freezer, plus another load

of apple mixed with blackcurrants, blackberries and a few cherries.

The THIRD lot of figs are ready to go - we normally get two harvests but this year has been quite remarkable for figs.  I usually make fig confiture, and give to my French neighbours who eat it with foie gras.  The figs are green, but very sweet.  I love them but OH wouldn't eat a fig if he was starving...

I also made another apple and red peach flan I made last week for some friends - the peaches are a gorgeous red colour inside and quite sweet, so I didn't have to add any sugar at all even though the apples are very tart - OH having type 2 diabetes of course.

So that's my Monday done.  Have a good week y'all!  


  1. nice pumpkin haul, figs are one of my favorite I love them :-)

  2. Going to pick the final figs tomorrow, but might just freeze them and make some chutney later.

  3. Hello Booklady
    Remember me from Frugaldom Forums?Wondered where you were, so just typed in your blog name and here you are. Hope you are all well. So sorry to hear about Bleat. Take care



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