Thursday, 29 October 2015

Summer is finally over.

That's it.  Summer is finally over.  The grue - or cranes - are flying south for the winter.

Sorry about the watery blobs on the lens, but it was just beginning to rain - the cranes were so low due to the clouds.  We see them every year, twice a year - we seem to be on their flight path to the sun, and in fact, there is apparently an app you can get which charts their progress up and down France.

But that's too much for me, I always feel a little down when I see them: it's a long time before they come back.


  1. Thank you for your kind good wishes. I agree about watching the birds leaving,it's beautiful but a little bit desolate. Jane xxx

  2. We miss the Cranes here in our corner of PC. Sadly, we feel. We had them in our garden in Summer in northern Sweden and they'd mass before heading South in the fields by our Swedish house. It was a delight to discover they flew overhead when we were renting a small place in Limousin while looking for a place to buy here in France.



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