Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Visiting stick insect

I forgot to post this earlier this year, but I found the photos today so here we are:

My daughter was strimming a neighbour's garden, to get it ready to put the house on the market, and this is what she found:

It's a little green stick insect

He was about 6 inches or 15 cms long

Poor thing had already lost a leg, but Kath spotted it before she started up the machine

Amazing camouflage: he looked like a  little piece of grass

I carefully took him into the undergrowth next door, and let him free.  Kath was a little nervous in case there were others, but no more to be found.

And, incidentally, the house was sold.


  1. I use to keep stick insects when I was a kid, fascinating insects :-)

  2. We had stick insects at school, together with some locusts - my friend, larking about, let them all out in the biology lab!

  3. I had to look twice at the picture, I'm afraid I would have missed it, poor little chap xx

  4. So interesting and those are the good guys!



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