Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Just for men?

Sorry but the blue cuff-links are sold

I recently bought some cuff links from a market near Montbron, Charente. I did buy quite a few - pearly ones, silvery ones and a few old 1920s pairs - memories of when my OH worked in the City and had to look smart. Back in the '80s, he even wore red braces...nowadays it's jeans in the winter, and shorts in summer, but I digress...

Don't you think that cuff links on a crisp white shirt just lift a man's outfit? Here are a few cuff links - and I have even opened a new Etsy shop to celebrate - La Cravate. I have still got loads to list, but this is just a taster - I am hoping to fill it with men's stuff, to keep my other Etsy shop, Vintagemaison, for my usual more feminine items.

Take a peek here (my son is the hairy one on the right - even hairier now as this was taken some months ago...)


  1. what a great idea. I am spending a couple of weeks in Aveyron and must say the vide greniers are fab.

  2. Hi Jan

    Ooh! I love the Aveyron area - just so lovely there, and throw in a couple of vide greniers - I'd be in heaven...have a great time.



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