Monday, 23 May 2011

Browsing the net

Sorry, these doileys are sold

Sorry but this hat is sold

Sorry but this dress is sold
Sorry about the 'net' pun - but all these items are made of some kind of net as a base or trim. There is the white summer dress, dating from 1930s, the black hat from the 1940s and the trio of doileys from the 1950s. They are all listed on my Ebay site - clic here for more info.

Incidentally, when I looked at my Ebay shop on Friday, I noticed that I'm now a 'Power Seller'. Well, I am surprised - I have never really taken much interest in all these buttons and logos - I just like to quietly put my finds on the site and if they sell fine, if they don't, well I can enjoy them in my home for a little longer! To me, it's one more thing I have to worry about. Oh dear!

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