Friday, 6 May 2011

Sign language - French

You know sometimes your kids do something that makes you gasp - in a good way of course - well, meet my daughter.

Here she is, helping her daddy with some brambles, whilst chatting away about a new boy in her school who happens to be deaf. She explained that he was a bit shy, so she and her best friend - both English - sidled up to him and asked him if he would like to sit with them for lunch.

He could lipread if they spoke in French, but she was fascinated to find he spoke 'sign language' at home and she asked him to teach her.

Well, she now knows all the alphabet, can greet and meet, and the best bit - can apparently swear like a French trooper - all so she and her friend can make this French lad feel comfortable.

And she's learning sign language - in French of course. Ooh, I could just burst with pride...

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