Thursday, 5 May 2011

Some old needlecraft work for sale

Sorry, but this trim is sold
I love this lace/crochet trim - it forms a square frame 2 feet by 2 feet, with sweet corners perfectly turned - just right for decorating a bedcover, curtain or tablecloth - my Ebay auction is here.

sorry, this doiley is sold
This French doiley is amazing - look at the work - it must have taken hours to make. Read more here.

Sorry, but this cushion is sold
A pair of doves, sitting on a sprig of blossom - this wool work cushion is from the 1950s and has a burgundy velour base - see more here

This waffle weave hand or guest towel is a little shabby, but we can forgive that because it has an enormous monogram in red cross stitch 'LR'. You could use it to make a fabulous cushion or bag - or, if you don't mind the slightly shabby fringe it would be perfect in a guest room or cloakroom.
The Ebay listing is here.

Sorry but this item is sold
The ever-popular basket of flowers - hand embroidered on this table runner. SO pretty - and useful - you can read more here.

I just love these items - they're just simple, household linen that have been lovingly worked by a past generation - they're not museum pieces nor rare works of art, just nice, comfortable things to have around the home.

All these skills used to be taught at school, and girls learned by watching their mothers and grannies - such a shame that there is no time nor room in schools these days for such crafts. Thank goodness for a revival in interest in all things vintage and retro - and for places like Etsy and Ebay where we can buy and sell these gorgeous items from the past.

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