Monday, 27 June 2011

Phew! Think cool's the Spanish Plume

My dear old Dad used to say that when it's hot, imagine cool water - anything will do, a river, a waterfall, a lake... well here are three little oil paintings I recently put up for auction, and sitting here in the shuttered semi-dark, trying to think cool, I have been looking at the scenes on the computer screen, and do you know, it's beginning to work...

You can read about them here and here (one is already sold) and they are all from villages in the Pyrenees, where today it is only 34 degrees c, poor things...

It was 39.5c on our well-head this's too hot even to go and fetch in the washing - all my daughter's red teeshirts - and yes, I did remember to hang them up inside-out so the sun doesn't fade them so quickly. Unfortunately, I accidentally left in a piece of white linen in the washing machine and now it's the colour of rose-pink...

Keep cool...


  1. I do like those paintings, particularly the rich colours of the first. I like the idea too of thinking of cool water. It's muggy and hot here today but not quite sunny enough to bleach some vintage baby clothes I'd washed. They are still a bit brown and I was hoping the sunshine would brighten them. Let's hope it's cooler and brighter tomorrow! Jane x

  2. Cooler today. I left the 'pink' linen in some bleachy water overnight and it is now white again, thank goodness. It's the second time this has happened - last time it was a new teeshirt belonging to long-suffering OH and although he is very tolerant of the state of his laundry, he did refuse to wear a pink striped top.

    Jane - have to tried a small spoonful of something like 'Oxy'? Shouldn't be too harsh if it's well diluted.

  3. Belíssimo blog!!!
    Peças lindas!
    Sou seguidora.



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