Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Pintucks - on vintage clothes

A nightdress, with simple tucks down the front, for comfort

Sorry, this is sold
Sewn by hand, and a nice monogramme in red as a bonus

close-up of the monogramme - more photos here.

This is a jabot or shirt front - you can see the button holes for fastening on a collar.

Sorry but this is sold
More complicated than the nightdress - more formal. I suspect this might be either for a young man, or even a woman as the neck is quite small. This has also got a small monogramme on the bottom tab - you can see more in the listing here.

Now this piece is really amazing - the pintucks are very well hand stitched, in perfect rows - and so many of them!

It's complicated and just lovely - the bottom of a petticoat I think - late Napoleon III (Victorian) edging into the beginning of 20thc/Edwardian age.

sorry, but this is sold
There is over 10 feet or 3 metres of it - you can read more here.

I just LOVE pintucks - imagine the patience needed to sew them... and really, they are quite unnecessary but so evocative of a lost time. Can't imagine many girls know how to sew pintucks now - I remember having to do (and re-do!) some on my domestic science apron back in the 1960s at my strict Lancashire school. And, sewing on my initials - couldn't call it a monogramme as it wasn't so decorative, but at least everyone in my class knew their apron...


  1. Sorry - I know I should delete your spam comment, but I have a mental picture of the military wearing pretty pin-tuck Victorian petticoats! Very Monty Python...



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