Tuesday, 7 June 2011

My name is Carol and I am an embroidery addict...

I'm so lucky to have found this old cross-stitch wall hanging - it has had a difficult life, cut in two or three and with pieces added, pieces cut away... what a history it must have.

It is made from rough hemp/jute, with the embroidery done in wool - here is an anchor, obviously important but why?

These are obviously the owners initials, but why has been cut in two?

This is true to the actual colour - the anchor photo is a little washed out due to the intense sunlight, but I had no-where big enough to spread it out (the table indoors is full of OH's computer bits and a few other little projects he is working on)

I think it is early 19th century, possibly earlier, and sadly this might only be the right-hand third of the original work.

Excuse the dead leaves by the well - it's been so dry, the magnolia is shedding and it is a daily task to sweep up the dead leaves...

Sorry this is sold
This is another piece from the same source - it was the top of an old cushion which was literally falling apart. I unpicked it to salvage the embroidery. I think it is ecclesiastical and dates from the same period as the hanging and is from a pew seat or kneeling stool

Lovely pastel flowers

Sorry, this cloth is sold
This is a small table cloth - trimmed in blue silk fringing

A small oval cloth - hand worked mother-bird and her nest - quite sweet.

Sorry, this bird cloth is sold
It would be great under glass on a vintage dressing table or tray.

Ever popular - fine cotton worked with pastel cross-stitch flowers and leaves, with a pink scalloped edge

Again, this would make a lovely tray cloth or under glass

I ADORE this bear - he looks so intense as he rows his friends in his boat. Stitched by a young girl perhaps - a lost art I think these days -how many girls (or boys!) are taught sewing at school?

Sorry, this bear is sold
This would be lovely framed for a nursery, or topping a pillow or cushion.

Sorry, this cloth is sold
Another small square table cloth - harvest table perhaps as there is an ear of corn on opposite corners.

Sorry, this torchon is sold
A nice embroidered torchon - or tea-towel, love the lemons! Blue hearts are nice too.

Here is that ear of corn again - stitched by hand

Sorry, but this is sold
And on the other two corners is this spray of flowers.

This table cloth is just perfect for summer - just look at those Van Gogh sunflowers... just right for a picnic cloth too...the yellow silk is virtually encrusted onto the cloth.

Sorry, this sunflower cloth is sold
Well, just a few embroidered pieces I have, all of them French, ranging in styles, colours and use. You can check out my listings for these and other pieces on my Ebay shop here or just email me for more info.

I'm going to be rather busy - I have just bought another 3 bags of linen - it must all be laundered and hung out to dry - and guess what? The drought has broken and it's raining!

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