Friday, 8 July 2011

A few items for sale

sorry but this nightdress is sold
A beautifully heavy linen chemise, or nightdress, monogrammed and in excellent condition

sorry but this bell is sold
A shop or gate bell - perfect for your home too! We have one at our side door with a chain outside for visitors to pull - works a treat - you can hear it all over the house.

sorry, but these sunglasses are sold
VERY St. Tropez... fabulous 1950s sunglasses, full of French chic...

sorry but this bouquet is sold
This is a beautiful wedding bouquet of wax flowers - see the way the sprigs have been made to form a heart? This would have been stored under glass - now sadly long since gone - but in super condition for the age

Pink knickers now sold
I love the little tiny basket of pink roses on each leg of these almost-bloomers - a lot of trouble for something that wasn't (normally!) on show.

You can read more about each item on my Ebay shop here, but in the meantime - bon weekend!

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