Saturday, 16 July 2011

I am rather fond of boxes...

A pretty pink celluloid box - probably for bon-bons or chocolates - love the 'jewelled' look

this is the underside of the lid - beautifully embossed paper.

this is a collection of tiny printed vignettes I found in another box - for storing pens, stamps etc

And here it is - tiny little compartments for nibs, stamps, paper etc

Sorry, but this box is sold
And this is the front - a hand-coloured print of Gabrielle d'Estrée - the celebrated and adored mistress of Henri IV. You may know her from the scandalous double portrait of her sitting in the bath with her sister...

Then, there is this fabric covered box, dating from late 1800s, which shows a young girl accepting a note from her rather elegant lover, whilst her chaperone sleeps on in the chair...

the interior - pretty Art Nouveau floral, in green

Sorry, but this box is sold
And here is a close-up - naughty girl - she's supposed to be doing her sewing!

You can read more details and see more photos here in my shop.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love old tins & boxes too. I use them for keeping my sewing & craft things in. Much prettier than Plastic boxes stacked everywhere.

  2. Me too - I like old glass jars too, especially old Bon Maman jam jars - you can see what you are looking for!



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