Monday, 11 July 2011

First tomato - Coeur de Boeuf - in a pot

We had our first tomato today - a plant given to me by my friend Renee - I grew it in a pot by the side-door. This tomato was over 7 inches across - no wonder they call it Beefheart!

It was absolutely delicious - still warm from the sun... it was 32c today... tomorrow we're due thunderstorms.


  1. What a wonderful tomato! The scent of a tomato that's been ripened in the sun is so good. My Mother told me that she was 'addicted' to the smell and taste of tomatoes when expecting me... perhaps that's why I like them so much! Jane x

  2. I was hoping the next tomato would be ready today, but I had to buy a couple instead. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

  3. I love the smell & taste of Tomatoes straight off the vine, so much better than those insipid things we get in supermarkets


  4. I do wish I had sown some this year - my friend gave me these plants, and I used them in a couple of glazed pots I was given for my birthday. I have grown them before, but I am surprised how well they have done being restricted in pots.



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