Monday, 4 July 2011

French Postal Service - bunch of bloomin' idiots!!!

I am so angry, I just want to explode!!!

Without any warning to anyone - including their own staff at the street level ie the clerks sitting behind the glass screen - La Poste has withdrawn its economical postal service.

This means that to send a small packet weighing, say, under 500 grams, it used to cost 4.40 euros, but now costs 6.50 for 'priority' service to UK, and a packet up to 2000 grams going to US or Australia would have cost 13.10 euros will now cost a hefty 17.25.

All my lovely customers in UK, Australia, Japan and the US who were happy to accept a little slower service but at a lower cost, now have no choice but to pay up for an as yet unproven 'priority' service.

So sorry to you all - I hope that I can give an even better service, at best value, but it will be difficult for me to stand the cost - I also have to pay the French government 12% of postal charges in taxes - and cannot recover them as a business cost, plus of course all my packaging costs.

I will be making a formal complaint to the relevant trade ministry -but don't hold your breath for a positive response...

In the meantime, I am sitting here furiously changing my listings on Ebay and Etsy.



  1. I'm so glad to have an explanation - the lady at La Poste couldn't even work out why her computer wouldn't offer me economique last week! Thanks for at least clarifying this bad news.

  2. I'm still really cross - there doesn't seem to be much in the French press, no-one seems to be complaining, but frankly, that is so typically French - unless it is language, food or pensions, it is just accepted with a shrug!



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